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A photograph by Rafael Rodríguez taken inside a sculpture by Richard Yaski, entitled “Giant Bowl”.
“Diving in to the Giant Bowl”, taken from a 20-foot-tall crane above a sculpture by Richard Yaski, located in the Shibui Garden in Little River, California:

Inner thoughts

The Stereotype Trap

The most stressful moment of the day for most women is when she looks at herself in the mirror first thing in the morning.

Seeing images in advertising, publicity, pictures of models, at fashion shows, even at doctor’s appointments, tends to create frustrations in many women because they do not conform to stereotypes as to how they should look, with which they have been subtly brainwashed.

This tends to lower their self-confidence and estime, causing them to forget that there is beauty in everyone, and that the sexiest attribute of a woman is her personality.

When a woman concentrates on showing her best attributes in an attractive way, and keeping a positive mindset, she succeeds so much more than when she tries to match the stereotype and live up to expectations.

A portrait in hommage to
The birth of Venus by Botticelli:

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